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WILD ROSE is a romp through the English countryside in spring, the air redolent with the aroma of romance and possibility. It is a truly feminine scent with the most iconic of blooms – the rose – taking center stage, its beauty only enhanced with the luscious scent of lilies and peonies. This gorgeous bouquet is then finished off with a touch of ripe raspberries, making it a truly inimitable fragrance.


Wild Rose is a joyful and translucent fragrance, sure to envelope your spaces with its feminine allure. Light it up as you get dressed for a night on the town, to get you feeling like the goddess that you are. Or enjoy it with a cup of tea and some scones, as you while away a glorious afternoon.


Our beeswax candles burn clean and also help purify the air, whilst imbuing everything with the lightest scent of honey.

Wild Rose | Beeswax Candle in Pink Vessel

PriceFrom ₱590.00
  • Beeswax and soy blend with cotton wick in a matte pink vessel.

    LUXE BEESWAX CANDLE:  210 grams or 7.4 ounces. Comes with a bamboo lid. Can be purchased with special gift box or with regular foldcote box. 

    PETITE: 150 grams or 5.3 ounces. Comes in a regular foldcote box.