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Press Feature! Meadow is on The Beauty Edit!

We all cherish a little bit of me-time, amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Which is why we love how candles feel so meditative, with the soft flicker of the flame and its warm glow reminding us to slow down, slow enough for us to appreciate all the joy and beauty around us. They’re also amazing mood-boosters, replete with the feminine allure of a floral bouquets or the perky scent of a fruity cornucopias.

This homage to the beauty of the candle is the focus of The Beauty Edit’s most recent feature, and we at Meadow are truly grateful to have been highlighted and given the chance to talk about our creative journey and our brand. Being one of the most respected voices in beauty in Manila, we are happy to have been included in this amazing story.

It also gave me, Meadow's chandler, a chance to introduce myself! So hi guys! My name is Mariane and I am the all-around girly girl behind all the pretty candles and scents of the brand. I started my creative journey as a fashion and beauty editor for a magazine, before becoming a full time fashion designer. My brand Meadow was borne out of a desire to create something relaxing and calming, and also beautiful, during the past years of the pandemic.

This feature also gave us a chance to showcase the artwork of our candles, which I am happy to have been able to paint myself. I consider it a playful homage to old-school botanical illustration, and it also gives our candles more personality as each drawing showcases the prominent scent notes of our beeswax candles.

It was such a treat talking to writer Janis Gopez over Zoom, and I do think we quickly bonded gushing over candles even if she had been in London at that time. I appreciate the opportunity she and Nicole Limos Morales, the Editor of The Beauty Edit, gave me to showcase my brand and also talk about the process of blending scents, conceptualizing designs, and our desire to make the candles we hope people will love.

If you want to read even more about this feature, or about other all things beauty, do check out The Beauty Edit on Instagram or on their Website!

Photos from The Beauty Edit by Nicole Limos Morales. Article written by Janis Ian Gopez.

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